West Coast USA

Mariasol - Santa Mon...

This restaraunt has pride of place at the ocean end of the Santa Monica Pier and was a must visit on our first day in Los Angeles....

Las Vegas Silhouette

Silhouette of Las Vegas available to purchase through our RedBubble storeas prints, canvas, totes, smartphone and ipad cases.

Wet Las Vegas Night

Towers of Casear's Palace casino rising into a wet night sky in Las Vegas. Cars are a blur on the slick city streets, weaving...

Las Vegas Bright

The bright lights of a Las Vegas night grunged up.

Set a While

Cottage shop in the small seaside town of Carmel, California. This town was filled with old world buildings and of course was...

The Sentinel

Soaring red sandstone monoliths line the valleys surrounding the small town of Sedona in Arizona. Feelings of mystic connections...

Carmel Cottage

A quaint cottage on the main street of the small picturesque, seaside village of Carmel in California. Benches invite the weary...

A Coke for Santa

Looking through a shop window at all the sights of Christmas. Even a bottle of coke for Santa.

Bronze Arabian

A bronze statue of an Arabian horse, bay with a black mane, standing in the car park at the entrance to Sedona.

Carmel Spring

A street in the quaint little town of Carmel, California. Shingle roofs abound along with cobblestone paths.

Lunch Time

A small cafe in a group of shops in the small seaside village of Carmel, California, USA. A waiter waits patiently to seat customers...

Mum's Cottage

A quaint little gift shop in Carmel, Claifornia, USA. Loved the shingle roofs.

Santa Monica Pavilli...

Santa Monica beach pavillion. California Autumn.

Through the Window

Beautiful wall mural decorates this downtown Carmel shop.

In the Shade

Elderly couple sharing a quiet moment in a Carmel park. Lifelike bronze statue.

Hidden treasure

Granite monument in a Carmel garden park.